Fall 2009.  Ric Reed met with Dan Panoz (Panoz Auto, near Atlanta,GA), and John Thomas (Alte LLC, Detroit area), at the Panoz factory. Initial discussions took place regarding a plan to build a Studebaker sedan and/or SUV and/or Crossover that would get high gas mileage utiizing Alte's series hybrid platform. Another plan was discussed which would utilize Panoz's factory to build a Studebaker sedan and/or pickup truck, and/or SUV and/or Crossover. Although electric and series hybrid electric powertrains are on the boards, Studebaker also considers building vehicles with gasoline engines.

December 9, 2009.  RW Reed flew to Irvine, California and met with the chief engineer at the Aria Group, (they make vehicle prototypes). Aria, like other engineering firms, suggests that Studebaker's first vehicle be higher end, say $120,000 to $140,000 price range. The goal would be to produce approximately 3,000 of these fine Studebaker automobiles in year 'One' of production. This option is being considered because many people in the industry have made this suggestion. Studebaker wants to know what the general public thinks.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2010.  Studebaker Motor Company moved into 2,100 square foot office/warehouse location in Arvada, Colorado.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2010.  Studebaker Motor Company President and CEO, RW Reed met with a representative of a Denver law firm to discuss raising 'private placement' money. Legal counsel suggested we meet with qualified Investors only. Interested parties may contact RW Reed for information. 

SEPTEMBER 26, 2010.  Now's the time America. Stand up and be counted. Shout it out. Tell us what you want. Let us know who wants to go back to work making Studebaker's (provided we receive funding). Tell us where to build our factories. Which cities and states will provide us with incentives, as to reduce overall costs, so that we can afford to open factories on American soil. Let us know if you are with us. Tell us what vehicle types you want us to build, and how much you are willing to pay. Let's work together.

MAY 5, 2011. Admin staff representative (Laurent) suggests Studebaker offer Collectable Commemorative Certificates for $49.99 (Disclosure: Artistic and collectable certificate only, not a stock or securities certificate and not attached to current or future profits of the company) (click on "Store").

MAY 19, 2011. Studebaker Motor Company seeks Area Distributors and Dealers (Kahuna scooter program). Find out requirements and expectations, inquire at

MAY 20, 2011.  Become a Studebaker Motor Company auto dealer. Find out requirements and expectations, inquire at  

JANUARY 7, 2012.  Designers, contact Ric Reed at for details regarding motorscooter, motorcycle and vehicle designs. Studebaker seeks new designs.  

JANUARY 21, 2012.  It's a new year with new energy! It's been a hard last couple years. The economy has forced everyone to rethink strategy. However, we believe we're heading in the right direction. Studebaker Motor Company returns to the drawing boards in hopes of developing a plan to attract funding during 2012.

JANUARY 25, 2012.  WSBT news broadcast referencing the new Studebaker Motor Company  (start-up auto maker). Click on this link

FEBRUARY 14, 2012. FOX News broadcast Colorado man plots return of Studebaker. Could the Lark fly again? Click on 

MARCH 2012. Studebaker Motor Company goes to China; meets with various scooter manufacturers.

APRIL 23-25, 2012. Studebaker Motor Company visited South Bend, Indiana. Met with Councilman Henry Davis Jr and several other dignitaries. 

APRIL 23, 2012.  WSBT news broadcast referencing the new Studebaker Motor Company  (Studebaker CEO Meets with South Bend Officials and Business leaders). Click on this link,0,7192008.story

APRIL 25, 2012. Studebaker Motor Company attended Rotary Club meeting in South Bend, Indiana.

APRIL 26, 2012. Studebaker Motor Company met with Aria Design Group in Irvine, California.

SEPTEMBER 2012 - Current. Disussions with offshore investment company. This company has shown an interest in investing in Studebaker Motor Company.

OCTOBER 31- NOVEMBER 3, 2012. Ric Reed attended the Los Vegas SEMA show.

NOVEMBER 6 - 8, 2012. Studebaker Motor Company met with a powertrain technologies firm in the Detroit area. Continued discussions regarding gas-electric hybrid opportunities.

2013. Proposed date Studebaker Motor Company will publish 'private placement' prospectus. Place yourself on our list of prospective investors and submit your letter of interest/commitment. NOTE: Contact CEO or CFO to discuss proposed Phases, and price per share in each respective Phase.

2014. I've been traveling a bit. Meeting with various prospective investors, who incidently, all three people turned out to be false. I don't understand why people want to waste my time (and money) just so they can look like they're big shots for a few days. Please people. Be nice. If you're for real, please prove it to me somehow. Show me you are real, and seriously desire to be a working partner. I'm open for discussion.  

2015.  Apparently the road to success is long and slow. At least with me. I've not given up hope. I've made sacrifices, invested time and money, with little to show. This past year I did very little with Studebaker. Mainly focused on my health and spending time with my family. Next on my list is to focus on my commercial real estate business, hoping to recapture some of the money I've invested in Studebaker. That said, I'm not giving up. I'll figure this thing out.

2016.  Words of encouragement, "It's beginning to look positive!" If I want this to come to fruition, I'm going to need help.

September 2017.  It's back to the drawing boards. We're looking for a good concept vehicle design.


May 2019.  They say that "No news, is good news." but in this case, no news means I've been idle to long. It's time to get busy. If you're interested in being part of this, give me a shout.

January 29, 2021.  COVID-19 is still a huge "thing" in our society. That said, I've had lot's of time to sit at the drawing boards, and time to make phone calls and emails. My energy is beginning to rejuvenate!!  

Updated, January 29, 2021, Studebaker Motor Company Inc