Please note: Building a passenger vehicle business is a huge project which takes vision, planning, time, focus, money and luck. That said, we are developing relationships and forming alliances to partner in prospective platform projects. Platforming saves time, energy and money. Originally I had planned to first re-enter the market with a 'scooter' followed by a concept passenger vehicle or pickup truck. Last year, after meetings with 'car guys' I made a business decision to release the ideology of producing scooters and motorcycles, as to focus resources on passenger cars and pickup trucks. That said, it's been a year and I have not been able to locate funding (but still trying). Some of my staff tell me that it may be prudent to revisit the 'scooter' progrom first, as to generate revenue. I'm aking you, the public, what are your suggestions? 

Ideally, because of niche market demands, I'd like to enter the market with a vehicle that is reminiscent of a historical Studebaker model. For the integrity of the project, details of this project are kept behind the curtain until this design concept unfolds. 

You may know that Studebaker Motor Company and I have been in the news over the past two year, approximately 47 interviews with various news media (world wide). Seems like people are interested. Most people seem to be supportive. I'm happy to report that most of the news articles have been quite favorable.

Several people have inquired if we are ready to sell stock shares. The answer is.....Please contact me to discuss this. Email ricwreed@msn.com or call me direct, (303)906-4839.  

Currently, the plan is for the first model to be definitively Studebaker. As I stated above, we're forming alliances, working toward a common goal of developing a prototype, then production vehicles. We've met with design and engineering firms and decided a body type. Styling is next... 

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Contact us at info@studebakermotorcompany.com, or ricwreed@msn.com .

I have a question for you. Do you want us to use the Lazy S logo? It's the logo the Museum uses.

Interested in joining our DAY (dollar-a-year) volunteer staff? Contact reed@studebakermotorcompany.com, or ricwreed@msn.com.

Thank you,

Ric W. Reed

                                   STUDEBAKER MOTOR COMPANY, "A Time Honored Name, A New Company for the Future 

Last Updated 04/07/2014