Concept Disign, Engineering, Tooling, Production and Administrative costs determine the direction we go. At the end of the day we want to see new Studebaker vehicles re-enter the marketplace. Building a passenger vehicle business is a huge project which takes vision, planning, time, focus, money, hard work and luck. Stick-to-itiveness would be the word I'd use. Persistence alone is omnipitant. Press on. and so forth...   That said, we are  continueing to develope relationships and form alliances to partner in prospective platform projects. It seems that "Platforming" saves time, energy and money.

Ideally, because of niche market demands, I'd like to enter the market with a vehicle that is reminiscent of a historical Studebaker design. As stated on our 'Home' page, the jury is still out on whether we will enter the market with a gas combustion engine, a series hybrid, or an EV (electric vehicle). We do know, however, in order to amortize, the first generation vehicle will be a higher end niche vehicle with plans to produce a few hundred units per year, for the first three years. For the integrity of the project, details of this project are kept secret until this design concept unfolds.

Thank you,

Ric W. Reed

President & CEO

Studebaker Motor Company

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Last Updated 01/29/2021